I got a lot of messages about these things, so ..

Do you photograph wedding?

I only photograph small, intimate weddings with small amount of guests or just a part of wedding if needed. Feel free to write me, I absolutely love to be part of this magic.


Do you photograph events?

Veeery rarely, but yes, if concept resonates with me and it is not longer than 3h.


What about product photography?

Yes, I do product photography and styling, just not putting this kind of work here on instagram together with your gorgeous smiles. Please contact me using contact form on ritarri.com if you are interested!

Can I get all images, even not edited ones?

No-no, definitely no, you will receive only nicely edited ones with sparkle in your eyes and nicest emotions catched. I carefully select best photos to give to you, to make you feel beautiful as ever.


When and how I will receive my images? 

It depends, but 2-3 weeks till month is the term. You will get access to online gallery where you can download photos in size which fits best for you. 


I am very shy and not photogenic, how it will be?

I promise that it will be just fun, nothing that makes you uncomfortable. Together we will make natural, easy atmosphere where we both can open up easily and make magic happen. It's connection - we both are artists now. Its important to me that you feel easy and good with me, it's a precondition nr. 1 for me.

When should I book session with you?

If it is specific date, than asap. If we can arrange dates, then month or even earlier in the rush seasons like summer. Weekends are super-busy. Workdays are easier. 


Do you make videos too?

Nopp, but if you ask, I can recommend some super-talanted friends of mine. 


What should I wear? 

When you book a shoot with me using contact form on ritarri.com, you will receive email, then we will talk about all details from what to wear and what story we want to tell. 


Do you have studio for photoshoot?

No, I don't. I don't like the concept of photographing in studios - so many people will have (not exactly) but so similar images like yours. I wan't to photograph you in some special atmosphere which only me and you have found and feeling it the same way.

Contact  me

I'm always extra happy to receive any kind of messages, so feel free and go on typing!

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I'll get in touch with you within 2 to 3 business days, be patient and be ready for new friendship.